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The territory of the Marche Region between Geography Colors Flavors Aromas History Architecture and Culture

Discovering the Marche is a multi-sensorial exploration that brings into play all five of the senses, thanks to the delights to be found in the five provinces  of the Marche, each very distinct from the other, and yet also quite similar, with every burgh, every hidden corner of the Marches offering visitors unfailingly new and surprising emotions.

The sense of sight is swept away by a wide variety of intriguing landscapes a number of different coastal settings; the expanse of hills with its unmistakable profile and masterful mix of natural colours and the works of man, in the form of the centuries-old villages, the sanctuaries, the castles and the abbeys; the Apennine mountains, with their forests, valleys and peaks, all still echoing with the legend of the Sybil, are waiting to be discovered. Visitors lingering in the towns and hamlets can discover the large number of museums and churches preserved like so many gems, as well as a wealth of works by artists such as Crivelli, Piero della Francesca, Raphael, Bellini, Tiziano, Gentile da Fabriano and Lotto, just to mention the most famous, though the works of lesser known artists, as well as examples of folk art, combine with the masterpieces to tell the story of a territory whose past is filled with proud towns and prestigious lordships.

The sense of touch is stimulated by the vast array of top-quality crafts products, including paper and parchment, handmade lace and traditionally manufactured pottery and tiles.

The sense of hearing can delight in the immortal music of our composers Rossini, Pergolesi and Spontini, played during the “ROF, Rossini Opera Festival” and the “Pergolesi Spontini” Festival and during the numerous local opera seasons held in theatres and other sites of the Region, with the best known example being the season at the Sphaeristerium Stadium in Macerata. Also to be enjoyed is the sound of the verses of the verses of Leopardi, a beacon from the past for all the modern and contemporary poets of the Marche.

The sense of smell is stimulated by endless scents, each of which calls forth sensations of pleasure, wellbeing and joyful living. The Marche is a land of aromas: the sea breeze, the odour of freshly caught fish, the vast fields of lavender and juniper in Conero, the bouquets of wines that tell the history of the hills and the wide selection of grapes in their vineyards, the intense aroma of the truffles of Acqualagna and the mountain zones, the delicate scents of the salamis and other cured meats of Carpegna, Fabriano and Visso, plus the traditional local cheeses.

The sense of taste is coddled by a treasure trove of traditional products and wines. The culinary offerings of the Marche include traditional peasant fare and seafood, often reinterpreted for modern  tastes, but without losing sight of the genuine, natural values we treasure, as well as the emphasis on quality. In fact, the tastes and pleasures of fine dining extend beyond special occasions, filling the entire lifestyle of the Marche with a delicious but uncomplicated gusto that revolves around a respect for tradition.

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